Terms of Policy

InnovaTech Group is committed to conducting its operations with due regard for the environment, and providing a safe and healthy workplace for each employee. It is well known to InnovaTech management that achieving high levels of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance contributes to customer satisfaction, business results and employee motivation. This EHS policy seeks to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and to improve the working conditions and well-being at work.

As a company which is / will be engaged in various services in the Telecommunication services sector, we shall, in all our operations:

  • Ensure safe working conditions for all employees and visitors.
  • Educate, motivate and engage our employees to contribute to our EHS commitment and to comply with our EHS policy.
  • Provide appropriate training, PPE and information to enable all employees to accept individual responsibility for Environment, Health and Safety, implement best practices, and work in partnership to create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Create a sense of duty in every employee towards personal safety, as well as that of others who may be affected by the employee’s actions.
  • Ensure prompt reporting of any incidents and adequate monitoring and measurement of our EHS performance.
  • Try to conserve natural resources and energy, reduce waste, prevent pollution, and promote recycling of materials wherever possible.
  • Ensure safe handling, storage, use and disposal of all substances and materials that are classified as hazardous to health and environment whenever applicable.
  • Implement a system of regular EHS audit in order to assure compliance with our policy as well as requirements of laws.
  • Take account of environment, health and safety in planning and decision-making.
  • Work continuously to improve our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) performance, openly communicate our EHS performance, and participate in external initiatives that improve our knowledge and performance.

    All managers & employees in InnovaTech Group are obliged to act in accordance with this policy and observe the relevant regulations.

    All managers are responsible for ensuring that InnovaTech Group health and safety policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained by employees in all projects and activities.

Our Health & Safety Policy

InnovaTech Group the Telecommunication services provider is committed to develop and maintain a premier health and safety culture for all employees, contractors, subcontractors and customers associated with the Company and its operations.

The provision of superior health and safety is a core company value of equal importance to operational efficiency, community welfare and profitability. The Company intends to conduct all operations in a manner that will comply with both the letter and spirit of all applicable national, international legislations and best available industrial practices.

The Company shall ensure that all personnel, including contractors, subcontractors and customers’ personnel working on or visiting facilities and/or working under our umbrella, are informed of and are required to comply with all Company Health and Safety policy and procedures. Without exception, everyone is accountable for his/her actions.

To ensure continual improvement and maintaining of H&S at InnovaTech Group will:
• Continually review its policy and procedures to ensure effectiveness.
• Management will lead by example and provide sufficient resources for excellent H&S performance
• Establish, achieve, continual monitoring and reviewing H&S Objectives
• Implement and conduct periodic audits to ensure the progress and continual improvement
• Through management control and risk assessment of planned activities, eliminate the potential for incidents which could harm the Persons or damage the equipment so H&S is a condition of employment.
• Create the open communication channels through designated H&S roles and responsibilities for all managers, supervisors, employees and workers with open communication to all stakeholders.
• Ensure that safety and health are choice not chance as we hired Supervisors to maintain the health and safety of all personnel as they supervise direct work and other related activities.
• Employees are made aware of potential hazards and the necessary precautions to be taken through the communication of information, instruction, training, and supervision.
• Provide the appropriate PPE based on risk assessment and hazards activities
• Employees participate fully in all health and safety arrangements and all suggestions for improving standards of performance are encouraged.
• The immediate and root cause of incidents (actual and potential) are identified and communicated to prevent re-occurrence.